Thursday, June 9, 2022

Science at the High School

It's Thursday night.  High school graduation was tonight!  Yay Dani!  Another week has gone by.  We are happy the weather has been nice and we've been able to spend a lot time outdoors.  Although last night we had crazy thunderstorms and Eli slept on top of me.  Back to last Thursday...

After cheer, we went to the high school for a STEM night.  

It was very crowded.  
They had science games and experiments set up all around the school for elementary school kids.  
Dani was there working.  She helped the boys try and make something that floats.  
It floated!

Eli's too!
They loved the golf.  

Noah made atoms and totally understood it!
Aden's favorite teacher was there working too.  
3d Printing.  

Rose from school helped Noah make a sticker mosaic.  

The put marshmallows in liquid nitrogen.  

Then steam came out of our mouths when we ate them.
Ariel was put to work by Olivia and Madi.
The boys programmed a drone to fly.  
Jake helped out.  

That night, Kylie went to the prom.  
Last Friday, Eli woke up to some money from the tooth fairy.  
He left a note for the tooth fairy to leave the money outside his room.  He's still terrified of her.  
Although he's not scared of Huggy Wuggy.  Go figure.  
We went to Friday night Shabbat services outside.  It was a beautiful night.  
Felice and Howard participated for Jordana's Bat Mitzvah.  
The boys went up to be blessed for camp.  

Nate was there.  

Amy with Ali and Dana.  
They had a barbecue truck and a Rita's water ice truck.
It was fun hanging out with everyone.  

The kids ran around like crazy.  
While we were there, Ariel was at a birthday sleepover at Emily's house.  We were sent these pics.  
Happy Birthday Emily!

She texted us at 2:30 am telling us she was having fun!  I think we are in trouble!  Have a great weekend!


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