Sunday, June 19, 2022

Mickey is Fixed

Last Thursday, we did some drawing before school.  The twins are actually pretty good.  
Eli took Ari's car.  
I took Eli to the dry cleaners to pick up his Mickey who had his ear fixed.  
Then we went to the market and Mickey gave Marty the Robot a hug.  

We went for milk and bread.  Lol.  

Bev is helping Ariel make something to hang her cheer ribbons on.  

So nice out. 

Dani graduated that night!  So exciting!
Last Friday, Ariel was a secret reader for the twin's class.  
So cute!
That night, the boys had Gavin's birthday party at his house.  They got nice hugs from their friends.  
Trampoline first.
Their yard was fun.  
Noah fell off the trampoline and cried a lot.  I took him for a walk on the path behind the house and he calmed down.  
Finally in the pool.
Actually, mostly the hot tub.  
The kids had fun.  
Pizza time.  

Cake time.  

They really like Meyer.  Have a great weekend!


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