Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Stunting Hard

It's Wednesday night.  The twins had their last baseball game of the season.  There was no crying and they played well.  Yay.  The whole team went to Rita's after for ice cream and water ice.  I guess it was a pretty successful season.  Back to last Tuesday.

We had piano and guitar.  
Eli drew pictures of Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy.  Oy vey.  
I'm not sure who drew this.  

Working on Ariel's Kansas state project.  

We went next door for dessert.  

Hey baby Emily!
I think I woke up Wednesday morning with both twins in the bed.  
Kylie came to help out that night.  
Harper also came for a playdate.  

Ariel just invites friends over and doesn't ask!

Eli raced Kylie.  
I smoked a chicken.  
Wow that came out awesome.  

Last Thursday, Dani and Rachel came.  

So graceful!

She's flying!
Eli and Noah watched.  
They did some stunting.  
She's so comfortable up there.  I wouldn't do that.  


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