Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Decent Brisket

Here's a short post for Wednesday.  Last Monday I caught a glimpse of Heather chasing the boys to the neighbor's house.  
Ariel found a doughnut to enjoy that beautiful night.  
Last Tuesday, Eli, Hampy and Mickey were excited for school.  
We all did some school work.  
This was a common scene all year.  The twins like to ride their scooters to school.  Then we have to bring them back.  We never think to bring them back to the school in the afternoon so they can ride them home.  
This is a picture I came across of the area where I grew up.  There was a Navy base in the middle of the area.  You can just about see my house and my elementary school.  
That night I made a brisket.  It was under 3 lbs so it only took about 3 hours.  
We had piano and guitar.  
We went to sit shiva for Rachael's father.  Ariel was just excited to see Emily and Juliet.  
It's done!
Sliced it up.  
Put in back in the juice.  
Yum!  Aden and I devoured it.  Amy wasn't so sure.  
A little hockey before bed.  I got a hockey stick for Ariel for camp but it was too small.  


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