Monday, December 12, 2022

Ariel at the Eagles

It's Monday night.  Aden is obsessively watching football behind me.  He doesn't care how boring the game is.  He sticks with it.  Last Sunday, the boys got to their Yum Yum doughnuts from the day before.  
I took Ariel to her first Eagle's game!  She was so excited to go.  She didn't care how cold it was.  She was going!  She got a lot of compliments on her pink jersey.
She looked so tiny among the people.  
She wanted to go shopping.  
At the seats. We had sun for a little while and it wasn't too bad but it got progressively colder.  
Ariel liked watching the cheerleaders but she wishes they stunted not just danced.  
She had to stand on her chair so she could see.  
A stealth bomber flew over!
So cool!
The game was great.  We dominated the Titans.  
Ran into Julie.  

On the way out.  She made it to the 4th quarter!  Good win for the Eagles.  
When we got home, Eli wanted to show me how he decorated his room.  
So pretty.
Good job Eli.


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