Wednesday, December 21, 2022


It's Wednesday night.  There is a huge storm crossing the country.  Looks like, while places are getting feet of snow, we will only get rain, but it's supposed to be crazy windy and drop from around 60 Fri morning to 15 by Friday afternoon!  

Last Tuesday, I picked Ariel up from Hebrew school and we went to Dairy Queen!
When we got home, the twins were on the bouncy house.  

I definitely buy some weird sneakers.  I actually won a lottery to get these.  They are sort of like Gobstoppers.  There are lots of layers so as they scuff, they change colors!
Here they are clean and unscuffed.  
Last Wednesday, Rachel was back from Penn State and came to work with Ariel.  

Now that's a face!
Work on that balance!

The boys always fly!
Then it was Ariel's turn.
Art projects at night.  


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