Monday, December 19, 2022

Lego Menorah

Last Sunday, Ariel was supposed to bring in a handmade Hanukkah menorah. Of course she never did it.  At 1:30 am Saturday night, I was still up, so I made one out of Legos.  It actually came out cute.  
Amy took the kids to Hebrew and stayed for a second grade parents event.  Ariel found a baby!
The twins stayed late for a Hanukkah party.  I went to get them.  
And I saw the beds being used by homeless people that are now sleeping at the synagogue!
They made plates.  
Ariel's friend Tessa came over.  
They watched a movie. 
We watched the Eagles beat the Giants.  
Then it was time for stunting.

As small as Ariel is, she keeps wanting to base.  

The Eagles won to go 12-1 and clinche the first playoff spot.  


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