Sunday, December 25, 2022


It's Christmas.  Woo hoo.  We did nothing today.  Only left the house to pick up Chinese food.  The place was packed!  Last Saturday, Honey came to hang out.  
Then Ariel had cheer.  
Her team watching another team.
Here they go!

We brought Giulz home.  
Then I took the twins to TNT Amusements for Nate's birthday party.  
It's a cool place with secret passages...
And vintage video games. 

Pizza time!
Then the cake.  
That night, we met Jason and family at Topgolf.  
It was a really fun family activity.  But it might be a little more fun without kids.  
Goo swing Jason.
Noah was upset he didn't do better.  He is really hard on himself.  

I don't think Ariel had any idea what she was doing.  
Go Aden!

We pigged out.  

Fun times.  
Back late to make brownies.  


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