Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ariel is 12!

Last Monday, Noah worked on his book.  
Aden and I played tennis.  I did much better again.  
On Tuesday morning, I was supposed to have my yearly physical.  On the way there I felt a tooth break!  I ran to the dentist.  They just had to fix a crown.  Not too bad, but I missed the physical.  On the bright side, it was snowing!
The snow didn't last long but it was crazy to see.  
Aden and Ariel messing around.  

Ariel got a new curling iron.  She curled Heather, herself then Amy.  

Last Wednesday was Ariel's 12th birthday!  Needless to say, she was so excited!
Such an amazing young lady.  
She kept changing the balloons to 21!
Her principal sent this.  
I made her favorite dinner and we had some ice cream cake before cheer.  
They sang to Ariel.  

Treats for Ariel's birthday!


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