Monday, December 11, 2023

Day 4 - Explore Aruba

Last Sunday we decided to have an adventure.  First we had breakfast.  
Then the boys poured over maps of the island.  
We were picked up by 2 open air Jeeps.  
Our first stop was the moved I Love Aruba sign.  

Having fun girls?
First we drove through Palm Beach.

The Ritz Carlton.  
Kite surfing.  

Party on girls!
There were some nice houses around there.  
We headed up to the lighthouse.  
Eli held Margot's hand.  I think he was a bit scared by the whole thing.  
The lighthouse.  

We tried some coconuts.  
Some posing.  

I climbed to the top of the lighthouse.  It was hard!  Nice view!
Aden met me there.  
Then we went to the zoo.  The roads were so bumpy.  
They gave us each a bag of food.  First we fed the donkeys.  

They told us not to feed any 2 legged creatures.  
The goats were waiting for us.  
Eva loved the camel till it grabbed her whole bag.  
The monkeys were funny.  They grabbed Ariel's bag.  

Chillin' with a goat.  

We were in the dessert.  
Then we stopped at a church.  
It was Sunday so Margot could tell her mom she went to church.  
Then we went to Natural Bridge.  

This is the small one.  The big one fell 20 years ago.  

Not sure the story of these rocks.  

It was a cool area but after 3 and half hours of bouncing around in those Jeeps, we decided to head home.  
It was raining out over the ocean.

That night, we had a party on the island.  We took a big catamaran.  

There were about 200 people at the party.  
Long line for the food, which was very good.  

The flamingos hung out in the water away from us.  
Ariel and Eva.

Amy with Katie and Jenn.  

Aden got up to dance!

Ariel with the grandmoms.  
Such a pretty night. 

Ready to head back?
Good night Charlie.  


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