Sunday, December 24, 2023

Eli and Ensel - Tough Guys

It’s Christmas Break!  

Last Saturday, the twins started back up at tennis.  They didn't play last year because we forgot to sign them up!  
They did well.

Then we went to their favorite place for pizza.  We hadn't been there in a while either.  
It was good as always.  
We got back and Eli went to go find Ensel.  
Ensel got his own Cyberquad!  
They are going to start an atv gang.  
They terrorized the neighbors.  

Then they set up a car wash!
I went with Aden to play tennis with Jaime and his boys.  
Wow, I think I'm getting worse.  

Lanie sat.  Amy and I went with Jason and Lisa and Jaime and Abby to Tavola Rustica in Lambertville.  We had a great night out!


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