Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sweet Home Chicago

So, it's Sunday night and we are back from an unusual weekend at the shore.  We really didn't do much of anything.  We did celebrate my dad's birthday, which was nice, but even though it was hot and sunny, we never made it to the beach.  No OC.  No waverunners. No Dairy Bar.  Just one Junior doughnut.  So I have very few pics. We will see how that goes.

Last Monday, we decided to stay at the shore to hang with friends that had come in from Chicago.  Good morning!
Waiting for them to come.
Here they are!
They have to little boys that hit it off with Aden and Ariel.  Knox and Kash.  They really wanted K names for the kids.
Grandma Charlene.

Sam with Ariel.
Sam helped Aden with building his roller coaster.
Ready for the beach?
 It was quiet when we got there but it actually filled up.
 Kevin and I.
The water was warm and it was the first time Knox and Kash ever saw an ocean so they loved it!
 Katie is actually Canadian.  I love the accent!

 Aden is starting to like the water a little, Ariel still stays far far away.

 Rich helped the kids make a sandcastle.

 Aden showed the boys where to find the crabs.

 Digging for gold.
 Being silly with mommy.  We didn't take the babies to the beach.

 A few more minutes of family bonding before we drove home.

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