Wednesday, February 17, 2016

12 Month Retrospective

The boys had their one year checkup today.  They are getting bigger.  Eli was like 25% for weight and Noah 20%.  Not as much for height but you can't have everything!  The doctor said they should be doing more things like almost walking and using more words but we aren't worried.  Aden and Ariel were slow with those things. They each had 3 shots and handled that well.  

Well, let's get this party started!  First a 12 month retrospective.

Let's start with about 15 minutes old.  
 Then go to a week.  
 Then 1 month...

 Our big 12 month olds!

 This was actually lunch last Friday, on their birthday, just to keep things in order.
Saturday morning it was cold.  
There are pictures from the baby monitor.   A big kid in each crib.

They can all keep themselves entertained.
After a morning of continued cleaning and setting up, it was party time!
Amy made this poster.
The boys had a quick snack before everyone came.
Stylin' in those hats.
What is that crazy thing on your head?
The crowds are coming.  It was just a small group of some neighbors and friends that had little ones.
The kids took over the basement.

 Stay tuned for part 2...

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