Wednesday, February 10, 2016


It's Wednesday night.  We are having some people here over the weekend so we have been feverishly cleaning and organizing. Amy keeps saying we should entertain more often so we keep the house in order.  If you remember back in November, Aden won the grand prize, an iPad, at Bingo at school but ended up losing it because another girl won, albeit like 15 minutes later, and they chose prizes out of a hat.  (how's that for a run on sentence).  Well, it was time for Bingo again.  That's the principal checking in with Aden and the neighbor boys.
 The boys then scoped out the available prizes.
 I gave Ariel money and she got her own snacks.  
 It's crazy how the boys are attracted to video games.
 Ariel and her blue mouth from the great snack she picked out.
 Ariel walked around and talked to people she knew.  

 She teased the boys.

 There were trivia questions between games.

Huge crowd.
So Aden played his own games so I had no idea that...
 He won again!  This was just a regular game though, not the grand prize.
He picked a number.
And got his prizes.
It was a bunch of gag gifts.  He loved the whoopee cushion the best!
 Wrestling in our bed Saturday morning.
 Then it was soccer time.  Not much to say about this.

Aden getting beat by the girls.

Aden with Jason and Ben.  I guess you guys will be happy when soccer is done.  Then it's baseball time.  

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