Monday, February 1, 2016

4 Pies

It's Monday night.  Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  Ariel just told me she doesn't want the groundhog to see his shadow because she wants Spring to come early so she can play baseball!  That's funny. Tonight, the kids had dance.  Aden's friend Brody gave it a try so now he has 2 good friends there which is awesome.  

Back to the aftermath of the blizzard.  You saw yesterday we ventured out on Sunday for a snowball fight with the neighbors. Then we went to pick up Todd and Sammy and headed to Richboro Elementary to go sledding.  I guess we weren't the only other ones with that idea.  It was packed!
Here we go up the hill.  I guess it was a good thing people were there because the snow got smoothed out.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to walk anywhere.
The kids played around at the top.

 I took Ariel down one run and she cried.  Weird because last year she loved it and had been talking about it all Summer.
 Todd didn't have much luck with Sammy either.

 Back to the top but she was done sledding.
 You can see the pink jacket walking down the hill.
 Ariel had a hard time getting through the snow to get to the swing set.
 That's better.
 We could have done this in our backyard.
 Let's make snowballs!

 Aden's friend Brody from camp came to hang.  He's the one that started dancing with Aden.

I went to Atlantic City for work.
Got to see my buddy Kevin.
We checked on the shore houses.  You saw the flooding in Margate in yesterday's post.  My parent's house was fine.
Amy's parents got a little water inside.
 This was the old green house 2 doors from us.  It's gone!  the people behind bought it, knocked it down and are putting in a pool.
 We drove by Lamberti's which had water damage.
 Very yummy meal at Steve and Cookies.
 We brought Amy back some of her favorite crab cakes.
 I checked in on the babies from afar.  Eli was trying to get out!
 I brough home 4 pies from Manco and Mancos!  Who wants to help us finish them!?!?

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