Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Manco & Manco Newbies

It's Tuesday night.  Today was so warm.  The snow is almost gone. Can everyone believe that the twins will be 1 next week?  Crazy. Now we just need to get them walking!

Last week's music class was super packed.  There is Michael and Nate.
 Nate is getting so big.
 Right Eli?
 Nate cuddled with Eli before he knocked him over!

 Balls for everyone!

 The twins and Eli are going to have a playdate soon.


 Dinner time.
 Both boys tried Manco and Manco pizza for the first time!  It was a big hit!
 Noah's turn at swim.
 OK buddy, time to jump in.
 Anytime now.

 Christian loves it.
 He did well with the noodles.
 He went with the teacher.

 Time to ride the boat.
 Did you have fun Noah?

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