Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our Dreams For All Children

It's Tuesday night and we just celebrated Amy's dad's birthday. Amy's mom made a beautiful dinner.  Luckily today's wild weather was done before we went over.  Crazy winds and thunderstorms. There are a bunch of roof shingles on my driveway.  I'm going to have my house looked at.  Amy had a nice visit today from some of her school friends.  Tomorrow is the twins 1 year checkup.  Wish us luck!

These are some random pictures from last week.  Good morning Noah!
Love that butt sticking out.
 Enjoying a meal.
 Fun before bed.

 Look how well he is standing.
 Cuddling with my girl.
 It's pretty but I still prefer Summer.

 Getting closer to going through.

 Dr. Ariel.

 Fighting over the phone.  At least they keep themselves entertained so can get a few minutes more of sleep.  

We spent days cleaning the basement.

 Bins of baby clothes for storage.

 Thursday, Aden had his Valentine's Day party at school.  Ben came over so they could compare the Valentines they got.
 Not used to seeing this.  

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