Monday, February 22, 2016

Twin Love

It's Monday night.  Let's just get on with the pictures.  These will finish off last weekend and get us into last week.  I've been posting more videos.  If you see and oversized box with a triangle in the middle, hit the triangle!  This next video might be my favorite.  It was Valentine's Day morning and the twins were trying to kiss each other!

Where's your brother Eli?
 There he is!
 Silly Noah.

 Eli enjoying Ariel's doll house.
 We went to Melissa's for brunch.  The boys ate plastic food.
 We brought the leftovers from the twin's party.
 Those were the days...

 Eli is getting stronger at standing.
 We were supposed to go out to dinner Sunday night for Valentine's Day but our sitter cancelled last minute.
 We just stayed home.
 Monday morning Ariel had some fun with Eli's crib.
 Good morning.
 A surprise snowstorm.
 Hanging in the basement, which weirdly, is one of the warmest places in the house.

 High five the robot!

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