Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It was a successful first day back to school.  It was a little hard getting up but everyone was excited to go.  One great thing about having Mrs. Marai, Noah is on his way to being potty trained!  We think we will do one at a time.  We are only human.  Back to the break.  We tried to find activities to keep the kids busy.  A new trampoline park, Altitude, opened right by our house.  No more driving to Skyzone!  It was pretty quiet there.  The kids went crazy!  

 This climbing wall isn't done yet.  It looks like fun.
 Eli was bouncing everywhere.

 Aden did the zip line.

 But didn't make it very far.

 Eli and daddy in the pit.
 Here come's Noah!
Ariel made a friend, then fought with her!
Poor Ariel ended up in the pit.
 Good flip Aden!

 Aden versus the foam wall.
 Aden smash.
 A well deserved snack.  The twins totally loved this place so we may have their 3rd birthday party there.

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