Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It's 2018!

It's Tuesday night.  It was finally not freezing.  In fact, I didn't change back into my clothes after the gym.  My skinny white legs were exposed!  The gym might not have been the best idea.  I'm very sore from falling on the ice yesterday.  

These were from New Year's Eve.  We had a girl that wanted to sit but we chose to stay in.  
 Melissa and the girls came over.
 The plan was to order out food but no one was doing takeout!  I ran to the market at 7 to get food to cook.  
 Eva slept over!  
 So sweet.  It was her first time and she did great.  
 We barely made it till midnight.  

 Aden was up and still wanted to watch the bands on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.  It was all pretty lame.
 The morning of the first it was crazy cold!
 We all went to visit my grandmother.  
 Here she comes down the hall, Noah ran to get her.
 Following her were Mummers!

 Not bad for 97.
We watched the Mummers for a while.

Eli tried to make his escape.
 Even Aden bonded with her a little.

 What did grandma buy the kids?
 We only have 3 barstools and they fight over them.  We need to get 4!

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