Monday, January 8, 2018

The End of the Year

It's Monday night.  A pretty awful day is coming to an end.  I got into a car accident then I fell on my driveway on the ice.  I am so sore and can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow.  These are from New Years weekend.  

We woke up Saturday to snow.  
 Hey Noah!

Tell it to the hand.
Aden went right outside to play with his friends.  
 I cleaned the driveway.  

 That night we had our neighbor's holiday party.  
 The twins could not believe all the toys.

 Ariel was the older girl, which she loves being.
 They get the hugest trees.
 The big boys got a little wild.

 Jake wanted Noah's nuggets.

 They helped themselves to desserts.
Sunday we had Aunt Beverly's funeral.  The grandkids all spoke beautifully.  It was sad.  She was such a lovely woman and will be greatly missed.  Afterwards, we went to Judy's house to hang out with the family.  Ariel and Brianna did some selfies.

 A whole herd of dear walked by.

 Justin loves his cousins.  

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