Sunday, January 7, 2018

Customer in Training

It's Sunday night.  I guess I never got around to making that extra post over the weekend.  Oh well.  We are watching the Golden Globes and trying to clean up.  We are facing our first full five day week in a while.  Today was the coldest it's been in like 25 years!  It was around zero when I woke up.  They are saying the 50's by the end of the week so that will be so much better.  The playoffs are starting to come together.  The Eagles will play the Falcons on Saturday.  These pics are from the Winter break.

Customer in Training.
 We got to spend a lot of time with Adam and Brianna.  
 They loved being with the kids.

 Aden finally had someone to play football with.
 Shady Brook Farms Light Show.  
 The twins were amazed.

 Fun things keep appearing in my car.  If you yell out Ho Ho Ho, the car turns into Santa on the screen and the other cars become reindeer.  The turn signals sound like sleigh bells.  The kids love it.

 Ariel and Eva at Corner Bakery.
 We had a playdate.  Ariel's friend Aiden came with his mom and sister.  

 Gwen in just about walking.
 The kids were all over the house.

 Ariel and Aiden.

 Ariel and Aubrey, who is friends with Eva.
Adam is back!

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