Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ariel Alone in Class

Today was ridiculously warm.  I wore a short sleeve shirt and my pasty white legs were exposed!  Tomorrow is going to be warm again then back to the freezer.  Ariel started a new swim class tonight.  It's been a while since she's taken one.  I'm glad she's back in the pool.  

I took almost no pictures last week, so this post will catch us up to last Saturday.  So I'm less than a week behind again!

Ride daddy!
 Ariel takes good care of her brothers.  She reads to them.
 Rubs their back.
 And kisses them.  
 We have to make a decision soon about the twin's cribs.

 So last Thursday the schools were closed for snow.  Friday, Aden's school was still closed but Ariel's and the twin's were open.  Amy needed them out of the house so we took them.  Ariel was the only person in her class when we got there.  Her teacher was hoping nobody would come.  Eventually there were 4.
 Picking up the boys later in the day.
 Noah with Mrs. Maria.
 That was nice you gave mommy a day off!

We stayed in that night.
Peek a boo!

Saturday morning was really cold.  
 I took Ariel to dance and got a glimpse of her recital outfit. (Eva's is on the left)
 The boys had a lazy morning.
 Did mommy see you eating in front of the tv?
 We didn't do much during the day.  The night came quickly.
 Always enjoying their bath.
 Climbing in?
 Have a great weekend!

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