Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ariel and the Nutcracker

It's Thursday night.  I somehow forgot to post this last night.  Now I'm really behind so I might post again over the weekend.  Today was crazy.  They originally called for a coastal storm and that we my get some flurries inland but what we got was an all out blizzard!  We were stuck in the house all day.  Wasn't that bad enough that we were home all last week?  We finally get them back to school and this happens!  And schools are already closed tomorrow.  Then it's the weekend!  I need a break!  Plus I shoveled the driveway all by myself.  It took hours!  I'm going to be so sore tomorrow.  

I think this was Christmas Day.  
 I had Aden watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  I've seen it repeatedly on regular tv.  This was on HBO so I was shocked at the language!  I forgot about that.  He thought it was funny.
 That night Ali and Lindsay came for dinner.  We made slow cooker meatballs.
The kids had fun running around all night.
 The big boys played some ping pong.
Patiently waiting for dinner.
 Finally, meatballs!

 Aden played some piano for us.

 Dessert was yummy.

 The kids went to Aden's room to prepare a dance show for us.

Here's the show!

Bev took Ariel to see the Nutcracker at the Pennsylvania Ballet.  
 These are all Bev's pictures.  

 Ariel and Bev went back stage after the show and met a bunch of the dancers.  Ariel even got to hold the actual nutcracker!

 I usually tell you to have a nice weekend at this point but look out for a bonus post.

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