Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Do Not Approach the Bears

It's Tuesday night and we did not go to Kol Nidre services.  Hope you all have an easy fast tomorrow! We are breaking the fast here so we have a lot to get ready.  Back to a week ago Sunday.  We had breakfast and went to the indoor play areas.  Then the outside stuff opened at 10.  
 What should we do first?
 We passed on the ice skating.
 This sign did not make Amy happy.  They said they had a bear come into the resort this summer!
 The go carts were fun.

 I didn't get any shots but Aden drove one very slowly!  He loved it!
 Then bumper boats.  

 Surprisingly it was Eli that liked it the most!  He generally does not like rides.  

Then it was time to hit the indoor pools.  We found water slides!

The little kids splash area was fun.

 Eli didn't care that it was 50 degrees and ran to the outside pool.  Of course we me had to chase him.
 Melissa and Aden enjoying the hot tub.

 Aden had a basketball net so he was set.
 Pretzel break.
 We dried off and headed out to find more things to do.  
 Wonder where these stadium seats were from.
 We did Family Feud!
 The question was what might a girl fake to attract a guy? (let's keep this pg people!)
 Aden's answer was good and age appropriate but not on the board.  Jeff and Clarisse both got one right!

Time for some mini bowling.
 They had a place to charge my car!
 Aden entered a wiffle ball competition.

Go Eli!
We got dressed and headed to dinner.

There was another cool magic show.

 Ariel got up on stage to help!

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