Thursday, September 20, 2018

I Wish We Could Stay Here Forever

This post will catch us up to last Friday.  I like to stay about a week behind.  It will also finish off Woodloch.  Our last morning there we headed to breakfast with SpongeBob SquarePants.  We were still surprised that the twins loved all the characters.   
 I hold Eli up to use the urinal when I can so he doesn't have to sit on a dirty toilet seat.  The first couple of times he grossly grabbed the urinal to hold on.  I told him "no touch!"  Now when we get near a urinal he puts his hands behind his back and says no touch!
 He wanted to check out the arts and crafts room.  
 Some car riding.
 Then it was petting zoo time!

 Aden and Ariel played a little shuffle board in the rain.
 Then it was sadly time to leave.
 We had a great time and will have to come back.

Eli called this the jungle.  This is about an hour from Woodloch and 2 hours from home.  We kept seeing houses in the middle of nowhere.  Why do people live up there?  
 We stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way home.  Not my idea and I smartly did not eat anything.  
 That night Ariel had cheer practice at someone's house.  
 Putting their sleeping bags away.

 Mary Poppins?
Nice note from Aden's teacher.
Not sure if we should be concerned but Eli loves to wear girl's shoes.  Ariel keeps hiding hers because she hates when he does that.

Let's go play!

 I love how the little ones play with the big ones.
It's getting dark so early.
They love their books!  Have a great weekend!

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