Monday, September 24, 2018

Pink Cleats

It's Monday night.  Aden had a great football game.  He caught a touchdown pass, his first, and had 2 interceptions.  They tied though but still undefeated after 6 games.  Back to last weekend.  Last post I stopped at Aden's morning football game.  We then ran to Ariel's soccer game.  
 Stylin' in her new pink cleats.

 Stacey found a newborn baby to cuddle.
 We know a bunch of the parents.  
 Ariel got winded pretty quickly.
 The boys kept running onto the field.

 Good game girls.
 The ever present ice cream man.

 I got a cool thing for Ariel to play with.  She draws on the paper and it appears on the iPad then comes to life!
 Amy and I had nice barbecue dinner at The Lucky Well in Ambler.  
 Sunday morning everyone gathered at the synagogue for the first Sunday of Hebrew School.  
 The parents hung out and played while the kids were in class.
 They are back!
 Later I took the boys to the school playground.  

 Then we took Ariel to Mika's house for a playdate.  
 She had fun with Mika and Julia.  

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