Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Goodbye Margate

It's Wednesday night.  A scary hurricane is headed way south of here.  We are worried for all those people.  Speaking of the ocean and the waves, let's finish off Labor Day Weekend.  Sunday we woke up to a nice day.  Everyone went to the beach!

 Even Heather the sitter from home was there.  The ocean had fun crazy waves.  

 Ariel took care of her cousins.

Aden and I went in the ocean.  
There's Heather and her friend Devon.  
They helped us a little bit with the kids.

 Big line for ice cream!
 It's hard to tell from this but the beach was packed.

 Let's make Ariel a real mermaid!

My last time pushing the cart for a long time!  I'm going to look into a motorized one next year.
 While we were on the beach I had my car detailed!
 Hadn't looked that shiny in a long time.
 A quick swim before I headed to Casel's to get food for a barbecue.

 That one tank of gas lasted me the whole summer.  
 It was a nice night to eat outside.

 While we got the twins to bed Bev took the older two to mini golf.

 They slept in the beds again!  Maybe no more pack n plays!
 I walked early to the bike shop to pick up Amy's bike, which they refurbished for me.  I stopped by Juniors for one last doughnut on the way.  
 I spent the whole day cleaning out the garage.
 Eli helped.  
 Grandmom came over to make french toast.
 We dropped the kids off at my parents so Amy and I could pack up three months of stuff.
 Moira came by to say goodbye before she headed back to the University of Delaware.
 Bubbie kept them busy.
 We got the place cleaned out and said our good byes.
 We made it home!  (the car was packed my parents brought a load of our stuff home)

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