Thursday, September 16, 2021

Ariel and the Big Cheerleaders

It's Thursday night.  We survived another Yom Kippur.  I fasted and it actually was not that bad.  The bad part was keeping the twins busy all day!  

These are the final pictures of Margate 2021.  Last Wednesday, I woke up early and went for a run.  I actually like running there.  There are so many ways to go and so many things to see.  
Checking out the new Margate boardwalk.  
I stopped by my parent's porch to take a rest.  They had already left.  I will miss this porch.  Only 9 more months!
I ran by the beach.  So peaceful and pretty.  
The birds got the beach back for themselves!  Although there is less food for them to steal!
I ran by a lifted house.  I always find these fascinating.  
Ariel wanted to try a grapefruit so I got one, cut it up and sprinkled a little sugar.  She hated it!
Bye hot tub!  We had a lot of fun with you this summer!
We packed up the world and headed home.  
Ariel had cheer that night.  

Here are some pics Bev found.  I look like Noah here!
My mom and grandmother in my first backyard.  
My dad's parents and an unidentifiable friend.  
Thursday the kids went back to school.  We made Aden take home the bus.  We are still driving him in the morning.  The bus stop is all the way and the other end of our long street.  But after it drops him off, it drives down our street right by our house!
Dani came for cheer.  Good handstand!

Dani is teaching her the high school cheers so she will be ready for tryouts! (in 6 years!)

The twins had their first soccer practice that night.  We saw Eva there practicing too.  
The coach seems like a great guy.  
They kicked the ball in the net.  

They got their uniforms.  Wow they are bright!

Playing in the setting sun.  

Of course we had to hit the playground on the way out.  
Last Friday, Camp Saginaw posted a picture of Ariel!
We had a Zoom meeting with the emcee for Aden's party.  We got a lot of things figured out.  
Dani was cheering for the Council Rock South Football game that night.  She asked us to come.  Ariel dressed in her cheer outfit.  
She was happy to see us!
The student section.  The snack bar was on the other side of us.  The kids spent the whole night streaming back and forth.  It was kind of annoying.  I have been to games before.  This one for some reason really hit me emotionally.  Watching the kids walk back and forth made me think about being in high school and all the feelings came back.  Which of these kids would I know.  Who would I want to be friends with?  Who would want to be friends with me?  Turns out Amy had a lot of the same thoughts!  How did we ever get through high school?  
Ariel cheered with the girls from afar.  

The cheerleaders were great!  They must work so hard.  They were so coordinated.  

Can't wait till Ariel is out on that field!  Maybe Aden too.  He wants to play football!
Have a great weekend!


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