Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Hurricane/Tornado Aftermath

It's Thursday night.  Wow that week went fast.  It's our first weekend not going to the shore in so long.  It will be nice not to pack and take the drive but who is kidding?  I would rather be there.  We will be busy with sports though.  The twins started soccer today and they did well!  Speaking of the twins, their teacher wrote us three times during the day to tell us how good they were doing!  Let's get to this huge post from last Thursday and Friday.  

We woke up Thursday to mass devastation all around us.  We know people that lost houses or had flooding or wind damage.  We were lucky and our house was ok.  There was no school.  

Here are some scenes from right around our house.  

You can see one of the tornadoes.  
This is sad.  

Even in downtown Philly!

We had to entertain the kids all day.  
Ariel worked on riding her bike.  Nature Jim gave some pointers.  
We watched a caterpillar.  
The glass people came that day and finished our shower.  
Our contractor can't finish the bathroom because he has a pretty bad case of Covid.  

We went to the shore later that night.  After some chess.  
Last Friday morning it was chilly in Margate!  I went for a run. 
It was nice to run in the cold.  
Morning cuddles.  

Lanie had come to the shore with us.  Brandon and Ashley came over to play.  
So we had 7 kids to take to mini golf!
The big kids played by themselves.  
Cute pic!

Noah gets serious.  Eli just ran around.  

Ashley went into the water to get a ball.  

Over to the pool.  

When Ashley had to leave, Ariel needed to find another friend.  I dropped her off at Juliet's and they went surfing!

Later that night, we met for tacos.  

My and lovebirds in the tub.  
Have a great weekend!


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