Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Yom Kippur

It's Wednesday night.  Ariel's cheer is getting intense.  Their one competition is Saturday so it's crunch time.  Last Thursday was a busy day.  The kids were off from school for Yom Kippur.  I fasted all day.  I felt ok but I was a little weak and slow.  

Dani came over for cheer.  
Ariel is still working on her confidence.  She has the skills.  

We need to strengthen her up.  

Eli's turn to fly.  

There's Eva!
I went a got a haircut.  I took Eli.  He was bad.  He grabbed all their candy and took it outside.  Penny had to go get it back.  
We kept the kids busy all day.  
A hose can keep Eli busy for hours.  

Aden wanted banana muffins so I helped him make them.  
That's the life.  
That night we went to Amy's parent's house so I could break the fast!  
It was a nice night to sit outside.  
Even baby Quinn came.  
Notice how there is no sign of Eli.  Too many dogs.  
So cute!
Best cousins.  
I tried not to eat too much but it was hard.  
Almost crawling!
It was a great night!


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