Sunday, September 19, 2021

Flu Shots and Doughnuts

It's Sunday night and I'm exhausted.  It was the first weekend I think ever where all 4 kids had activities.  We had some emotional highs, Penn State, and lows, the Eagles.  We are just ready for the kids to have their first 5 day week of the year!

Last Saturday morning, we took all 4 kids for flu shots.  That went as can be expected.  
We cheered the kids up with doughnuts at the farmer's market.  
Then it was the twins first soccer game!  They did some practice games first.  
I remember Aden and Ariel playing sharks and minnows.  You are a minnow kicking your ball around.  The shark comes over and tries to kick your ball away from you.  If they, they you become a shark too.  Eli just didn't get the concept.  A kid kicked his ball and he ran after the kid and kicked him screaming "stay away from my ball". It's going to be a long season.  

Pep talk.  

They played pretty well!
We won!
After the game we went to the Men and Boys store to get the three boys their Bar Mitzvah outfits.  Look how cute Noah looks!
Then Ariel had a cheer game.  (these weekends are crazy)
Thumbs up!

Warm ups.  

Dani came to watch!

There are some girls actually smaller than Ariel.  
The girls help introduce the football team.  
Here we go!
She loves Dani.  
Time for Ariel to go up.  

The pyramid.  

Trying out their competition routine at halftime.  

The boys kept busy on the playground.  We didn't do anything else the rest of the night.  


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