Monday, September 6, 2021

Miserable Sunday

Happy New Year!

Last Sunday, Ariel woke up at Amy's parents' house.  She loves those sleepovers with her cousins.  
It was another rainy, miserable day.  We just packed up and left.  I always pass by this house and for some reason it intrigues me.  
I took Ariel and the twins to Funzilla.  We ran into Tulip and Amer.  
Ariel loves to swing like a monkey.  

So funny how we keep running into them.  

Wind machine!

I took Eli for a ride on the go karts.  
That night we went up to the school.  

Eli did what he does best.  Pick up older girls.  

We saw our neighbors.  
I hope it stays warm for a while.  


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