Thursday, September 23, 2021

Back to Flag

It's a rainy Thursday night.  The house is quiet.  We still have to straighten up for the cleaning lady.  Here's a quick post for Friday. 

Last Friday night, Amy took the twins to a Halloween store.  Eli is so excited about Halloween.  He wanted all the decorations.  He especially wanted this chain saw!
I took Aden to flag football practice.  I forgot to sign him up for the Yardley league he usually does in the Fall.  Luckily, the Penn Athletic League in Doylestown, where he played a few years ago, still had openings.  

The coach was serious.  You can tell he loves football.  
We got back the twins were playing on their Chromebooks.  They really like them.  

Ariel had a cheer practice.  

She went to her friend Peyton's to sleep over.  Have a great weekend!


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