Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Clean Out the Kitchen

Sorry I missed the last couple of days.  Been partying too hard!  Happy 4th of July!  I just saw some fireworks with the twins.  Let's go back to a week ago Saturday.  

Aden got a teen tour haircut.  
My parents came over and we started packing the kitchen.  

Fionna had slept over so she helped too.  

The girls were very helpful.  

We got a lot done.  
Then we had Lennox's birthday party at the farmhouse behind our house.  
The rain held off just long enough.  
The pool was cold though.  

Eli stayed in the hot tub.  

The bar area is so cool.  

I got a closer look of the outhouse.  

This was fun to explain to the twins.  

He made it in the pool.  

Pinata time.  
That night, we got a sitter and took Aden and Ariel out to dinner.  Ariel chose Chinese.  Look at those cuddles!
Sometimes they like each other!
We checked out the new Ice House in Newtown for water ice.  
We ran into Emily.  
Bev came to give Ariel so goodies for camp.  
The we went to see Honey.  
Have a great summer girl!
Back home, we had some intense games of Rummy!


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