Monday, July 10, 2023

Melissa's Brunch

Last Sunday was busy.  We got a cute pic of Ariel and Emily to start the day.  
Aden left Boulder, Colorado...
And had a 9 hour bus ride to Jackson, Wyoming.  Such a beautiful country!
He sent the last pic and this one.  
We woke up to a fuzzball in our faces.  
She was ready to play!
Melissa and I took Honey for a walk.  
Then we went for a run.  
Later that morning, we had a birthday brunch for Melissa.  
Some of the kids went in the tub.  
Quinn played with Honey.  

We had bagels and cold cuts.  Then a big cake!

Cousin pic!
We swam.

Then Brittney the babysitter and I took the twins to Ocean City, which was insanely packed.  
Brittany took Noah to an arcade.  I took Eli to the rides.  

He made me go on this little coaster with him.  
We had fun!
A red moon from the Canadian forest fires.  
Eli made this to bring things up to the upper bunk.  
Which was a huge mess!
Later that night, I went to Sofia's with Dave and Julia to a Greek party.  
It was nuts!  People were singing and dancing and throwing money.

It was actually a lot of fun!


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