Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Eating Lots of Chocolate at Hershey

Last Monday, we got some fun photos of Aden's group.  The tubed around lake Tahoe.  
Then they went on a cruise.
Next stop, San Francisco.  They went to a Giants game.  
So cool!
Noah looking tough at camp.  
Then Noah carried the olympic torch!

My dad and I got haircuts together.  Isn't that sweet?
Some art and crafts.  
Then the twins went to find Lennox and Victoria.  

They play so well together.  

Nice sky.

Last Tuesday, Ariel's whole camp went to Hershey Park.
With her her buddies.  
Kylie sent this pic.  
Ariel said the rides were big and scary.  I can only imagine how much chocolate they ate.  
Eva bought a lot of fun stuff!
Eli went swimming next door.  

Later that night, Ariel was doing something at camp.  


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