Thursday, July 13, 2023

Eli and the Alien

Here's a huge post for your Friday.  Today is Aden's 15th birthday!!!  He's celebrating it at Universal Studios Hollywood.  That's doing it right!

Last Wednesday, the teen tour people listened to us and gave Aden a football.  That helped him make friends easier!

Not quite sure why Ariel is a boy.

That night, Heather and I took the twins to a carnival nearby.

It was crowded.  

There they are!  They went on a bunch of rides and ate a lot of junk.  

I can't believe they did this.  
So high!
Noah was crying!
Eli made friends with an alien.  

Uh, Eli, he might be a bit too big for the car.  
On Thursday, we went to visit Honey.  
Then Eli made me set up the slide.  Victoria came over.  

Some camp pics from that day.  

On Friday, Aden sent pics of Lake Tahoe.  
They did some major hiking.  

Ariel played flag football.  

The twins performed at the talent show at camp.  

We drove to the shore and saw Buzz and Woody trying to get into this car!
We met Melissa at the Longport playground.  

King of the Hill!

Have a great weekend!


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