Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Fourth of July

Last Tuesday was the Fourth of July. Here's Eva's bunk. 
Ariel looks like she had a fun day.

All dressed up!

Meanwhile, Aden was white water rafting the Snake River.

Back in Margate, the twin made a fort, even though they know I hate when they move the pillows.  

We were not going to the beach because we had been there twice in 3 days and were planning to go home early but it was too nice a day not to go.  
The twins found Steven and went right back to the ocean.  


You are allowed to have parties with food on the beach on the 4th.  Our neighbors had quite a spread.  
Crazy clouds.  It was supposed to rain but never did while we were on the beach.  
Alright boys, time to head back and pack the car.  
It finally poured on the way home.  
Eli found all his fireworks from last year.  
We did a few.  
Then we headed to Sesame Place to see the fireworks.  
We parked at the mall nearby with a million other people.  The fireworks were really good.  
Then we played around some more.  


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