Monday, July 24, 2023

Visiting Day at Camp Saginaw

Last Sunday, we finally got a visiting day at Ariel's camp!  The first 2 summers had no visiting day because of covid.  We hadn't been to the camp in 4 years.  It poured really hard on the way there but thankfully it stayed pretty dry the rest of the day.  The parents got there early and were anxious to see their kids.  

Everyone brought just as much as we did.  These kids are so spoiled!
Welcome to Camp Saginaw.  

Here we go!
Streaming in at 11:00.  
There is girl's camp.  
We found Ariel!  We hadn't seen her in 3 weeks.  
Give me hugs baby!
Mommy got some more.  

Here's her bunk house.  
I wasn't letting her go.
It was so hot in there but we were so excited to finally see her bunk.  
Gaga court outside.  
We brought Melissa's cupcakes from NYC for all the girls.  
Then we went to find Eva. 
She was having the best time!
Eva's bunk.  
Then we walked around camp.  
The twins studied the map.  
We ran into our sitter Kylie who is a counselor.  
We went to lunch at the cafeteria.  
Emily joined us.  
It was cool in there. The cookies were really good.  
It rained a little.  
I gave Ariel her phone that she had not seen in 3 weeks and she only played with it for a minute then gave it back. She wasn't interested!
We went to the office and signed Ariel up for next summer.  

Ariel's art.  

It cleared up so we headed to the pool.  
Ariel lead the way.  
The water was actually warm.  

I was hot and was ready to take a dip.  

Cute cousins!
There's my girl.  
Even the twins jumped in.  

Time to move on.  
We took this with Ariel's instant camera.  
One last look at Ariel's bunk.  
Then lots of hugs and tears.  
We got all the girls matching sweatshirts.  
We were happy to see pictures later of Ariel smiling and no longer crying.  
See you in a month baby!


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