Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Back to the Indians

Last Monday I took Ariel to Ocean City to hang out with her friend Tessa. 
We caught up with her family at Browns. 
School friends!
I went back and hit the beach with the family. 

Eva and Gwen joined us. 

Pool time. 
I ended up cooking a huge dinner and made such a mess. 
A couple of flank steaks. 

The kids played. 

Feast time!
Now it’s scooter time!

Last Tuesday, Ariel and I left early. 
We went to work. I got Ariel some Chinese for lunch. She was craving her ribs and rice. 
Then we went to the gym. Ariel joined my workout. 

Got my sunglasses fixed. 
Hit up Lulu
Ariel had her first practice with Indians! It’s been since November!  Ariel was super nervous for some reason but felt so much better with a hug from Dori. 
The gang is back together!

Ariel felt good flying. 

Last Wednesday was the Atlantic City Air Show. We went to the beach to watch. It was also a really nice day. 
It seemed like there was less plans than before. 

We found a maze someone made. 
Amy and Aden went for a walk. 
Cool sky. 

Aden pushed the cart!
Aden and Ariel went for a bike ride and took these pics. 


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