Monday, August 7, 2023

Stephan Jonas Walk

It's a stormy Monday night.  Last Sunday, i went with the twins at 6:45 am to the Atlantic City boardwalk.  
It was time for our annual charity race.

There was a nice turnout.  I would have done the 5k but I didn't have anyone to watch the boys.  

Here they come!

My cousin Rebecca and her kids.  
They did the 1 mile run and walk at the same time.  Again, I would have done the run but I just walked with the twins.  

They did well.  
Then it was time for the little kid 50 yard dash.  

And they are off!
Noah came in second and Eli third.  

Prizes for everyone.  
We did some art then headed to the beach.  
It was quiet.  
And cool!

I think it was a quick beach day.  

We then went to the pool to have a cake for my dad's birthday.  
We drove home that night.  
It was Sundae Sunday at camp!


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