Thursday, August 31, 2023

Steve & Cookies

Last Thursday, Honey said goodbye then we headed home for the day.  
Noah worked on a Lego.  
It’s a Fender guitar and amp.
There isn't a lot of places for the twins to hang during the construction.  
The cabinets were delivered.  Wow, it's like Jenga gone crazy.  

We had Chinese for dinner while Ariel was at cheer.  
Then we walked around Newtown.  

We got Ariel.  
We slept at home in the way too dusty house.  
Last Friday morning, the twins tried to eat breakfast amid the chaos.  
Ariel did her skin care routine, then we headed back to the shore.  
We stopped for lunch at a diner in Jersey.
Right to my parent's house.  The boys got a Tetris board game.  
Some swimming.  

Ariel loves riding that bike.  
Aden, my dad and I played tennis.  
It's like really hard to play!  It was hot and we lasted an hour but I was so sweaty.  I actually started to get some good swings in towards the end.  
I needed the pool to cool off.  
Amy and I took Ariel and Aden to Steve & Cookies for our annual post camp dinner. Always a great meal. Aden ate clam chowder and halibut!
Then we wandered the boardwalk. 
We ran into Melissa and Mark. 

Have a great weekend!


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