Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Noah the Drone Pilot

Last Monday, we got a lot of Ariel camp pics.  

I think Ariel is pitching kickball.  
After camp, the boys scooted around.  

Eli went swimming next door.  It was really hot out.  
We made the latest Mark Rober box.  
Last Tuesday, the twins scooted before camp.  

At camp, they had drone races.  
Noah was one of the pilots!  He did it in front of the whole camp.  
He didn't win but he did well!
Aden had his first tennis lesson since getting back from his trip.  

That night, we had a meeting for the Northampton Indians Cheer.  Ariel is still away but we went to check things out.  
It was nice to see all the girls and their parents.  
We learned a lot of useful things.  
The girls did some tumbling.  

Eli was playing Gaga with random kids.  
Aden giving hugs at night.  
A quick Ariel pic.  


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