Sunday, August 20, 2023

We Got Ariel Back!

Last Saturday we got Ariel back from camp!  We were actually late and she was off the bus waiting for us!
That was a long seven weeks!  
It was going to be hard not being with her friends 24 hours a day.

Juliet was back too!

We took Ariel home to show her our lack of kitchen.  
She was shocked.  
Speaking of camp.  These were the last pics we got.  

We then drove to the shore and went right  to the pool.  

She got to see all the grandparents.  
Most importantly, I got my quality time.  
Eli insisted on baking a cake.  

Ariel broke the eggs.  
Eli decorated.
We had a nice dinner.  

Nice sunset.
That night, Ariel reconnected with her old shore friend Sydney and grabbed her camp friend Cece to wander around.  
Dairy Bar is the place to be!
They wandered around Margate, then came back to chill in our backyard.  


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