Sunday, April 21, 2024

Blue & White

It's Sunday night.  Ariel had her last cheer comp of the season today.  They did well.  Another short week.  The kids are off Tuesday for election day.

Last Saturday, we woke up in Penn State!  We slept in a little too long though.  
We walked into town to buy more stuff.  I liked this picture of Joe Paterno.  
Then we walked through campus again.  
It was cold and windy!
I think this statue is a stone from each county in Pennsylvania.  
We showed the kids the HUB, the student center.  
Then we checked out the bookstore.  
Ariel got some face tattoos.  
We ran into Jason, Heather and the boys.  

Then we found Rachel at a bar!  It was so great to see her.  This is the way many of the girls were dressed and it was cold!
Ariel wanted to stay. She really liked it there.
Then we took the bus to Beaver Stadium.  
Haven't been here in almost 20 years!
There were kids tailgating.  
We got seats right by the field. Today was the Blue and White game.  An intersquad game the Penn State football team plays the last day of Spring practice.  We were so close to the action!
The coach was on the field with the players calling plays and running things.  So cool to watch.  
I went to get some pretty decent food.  

We only stayed for the first quarter.  The kids had plans at home.  
We watched the cheerleaders.  This could be Ariel one day!

We got a selfie with the Lion!  So cool!
Walking out we saw the Bryce Jordan Center and the mountains.  
It was cold so the kids cuddled.
So sweet!
We grabbed the car and headed back.  It was quicker to get home.  About 3 hourse.  I thought this was cool.  
You can see the layers of sediment.  
Aden went out with a bunch of guys that night.  


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