Monday, April 8, 2024

Smoking Meat

It's Monday night and we survived the solar eclipse.  Last Sunday, Aden helped me cook.  We cut up some chuck roast then threw it on the smoker.  
After it had a nice bark, I threw it in a pot with Cherry Dr. Pepper then back on the smoker for another few hours.  
Aden went to hit tennis balls against the school.  
The boys were quiet.  
Eli made a mess and actually cleaned it up!
Harper came over.  The girls did some heavy lifting.  
I can't believe Ariel was spotting anyone.  
This was safer.  

The beef and smoked creamed corn were coming along nicely.  
Eva and Gwen came over.  Gwen did some flying.  
I always thought Aden should have done cheer too.  We need more boy cheerleaders.  
Some meditating.  

Ariel has been into volleyball lately.
They took it outside.  
Indoor smores!
Then we played Rummy.  

Harper stayed over and the girls were up late.  


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