Thursday, April 4, 2024

The Nipple of Knowledge

Last Friday, we forgot to set our alarms and slept in till like 10!  We had to check out at 11 so we rushed to pack and get ready.  I put everything in the car then met everyone in the waterpark.
Let's hit those slides!

I did the lazy river with Noah.

Cool if you like basketball.

Back to the wave pool.

I'm surprised we stayed as long as we did.  
I noticed the place was sod out!
The twins had to play some games before we left.

On our way.  
The Lehigh Tunnel.
We stopped in Allentown to see Amy's college Muhlenburg.  Amy was so excited especially to show it to Aden who is now starting to look at schools.  

She gave us a tour but Aden couldn't be bothered to look up from his phone.  Oh well.  
The Nipple of Knowledge!  (long story) We were home by dinnertime.  Have a great weekend!


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