Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Solar Eclipse

Last Monday was pretty exciting.  We had a pretty full solar eclipse.  The first in 7 years and the next one isn't for 20.  People were excited and nervous.  It's all everyone was talking about.  The schools around us all had half days because they didn't want to be responsible for all the kids looking at the sun.  My neighbor saw this sign on the highway.  
Eli practiced when he got home from school.  
Mickey was looking too.  
Here we go!  It started around 2:30.  
You can see the clouds started rolling in.  
The Ticket to Ride marathon was still going on.  

This was the last shot I got through the telescope before the clouds got too thick.  What a bummer.  
These were just with my phone.  
They actually came out pretty good.  
What are you looking at?
We didn't get it full but it came close.  
The twins gave up and went to play with Victoria.  You can see how dark it was.  
This wasn't my picture.  Would loved to have seen it this way.  
Tessa and Ariel stole my phone.  

 They helped me cook.  
The sun returned.  
Back to normal.  


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