Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ariel the Real Mermaid

It's Tuesday night and all's quiet so far.  Last night Ariel got up screaming around 12 and ended up in bed with us.  She's still enjoying school though!  The teachers say she makes them laugh all day.  That's my girl!

Sunday morning, we dropped Aden off at Sunday school then took Ariel to the NAC for her first swim lesson!
Let's go!
Daddy volunteered to go in!  It's 90 degrees which is nice but it's a pool full of babies in diapers so maybe not so nice.
Tracy was Aden's teacher at this age!
 I guess she liked it!

 She went under and didn't complain.
On the boat!
 Actually, I think they call it the island.  I will have to repost pictures of Aden doing this.

 Very successful class!
Soon as I got back I rushed down to the stadium with my dad to see the Eagles first home game of the season.
 It was a beautiful day and we were excited.
 Some new decorations.
 Mark and Melissa got down to the field right in front of us.  Cool.

 I made this panorama shot on the iPhone.
 They usually do fighter jet flyovers.  This time it was a little more low key but just as exciting.  You can just about make out the bald eagle that flew around the stadium.
 The game was decent if not a bit frustrating.

 All the players gathered when one got hurt.
 We ran out just as they lost.  Oh well.

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